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We provide photovoltaic solutions for commercial and utility installation companies.

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Custom solar PV solutions for large to medium sized commercial projects

Supported by our smart infrastructure, our industry experts assist you in the development of your photovoltaic projects with nationwide, flexible delivery. Our warehouses are fully stocked with industry-leading products ready to be shipped out to any job site. We can send multiple shipments to one site with various ship dates in order to reduce wait-time and risk for our customers – if a job gets pushed back, we are flexible with shipping accommodations. 

Custom cable solutions, cable tray stand offs and combiner boxes allow us to bring you not just any solution but the right solution suited to your particular project. As part of a global company, our nation-wide supply chain is augmented by international expertise responsible for selecting and refining our products. This is how we ensure that our customers receive the best brands of photovoltaic modules, inverters, and assembly and monitoring systems across the nation. 

Our team of experts in PV solutions is consistently refining our national supply chain based on our experiences with customers in Canada and internationally. With maximum transparency, global expertise, and well-timed deliveries, we can help you optimize each of your ongoing solar projects. 

Although BC does not currently have a solar rebate at the provincial level, it is the only province with a TAX exemption for all solar panels. The Alternative Energy Sources PST Exemption also covers any necessary equipment needed for installation including wiring, controllers, and inverters.
Energy, Energy Conservation and the ICE Fund Tax: Link

Although the Residential and Commercial Solar program has ended, the province has extended funding for:

  • Municipalities: Link 
  • Farm Owners: Link 

Unfortunately the SaskPower Solar Rebate has ended in Saskatchewan.

The 2-year Solar Energy Pilot Program has ended and is no longer accepting applications.

The GreenON Solar Rebate Program has ended and there are currently no provincial rebate programs offered in Ontario.

The largest solar incentive in Quebec is the RenoVert Tax Credit.   

The Total Home Energy Savings Program (THESP) offered by Energy NB Power is one of the most comprehensive energy incentive programs in all of Canada.

The Solar Homes Program is administered by Efficiency Nova Scotia.  

Efficiency PEI’s Solar Electric Rebate Program provides incentives for Island homeowners, farms and businesses to install solar PV panels. 

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